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Words of appreciation

Isabella da Silva

Working with Ivona as my expat coach has been truly transformative. Her deep understanding of the challenges faced by expatriates helped me navigate this transition with confidence. I not only adapted to my new environment but also discovered new opportunities for personal and professional growth. I highly recommend Ivona to any expat seeking support and guidance on their journey.

Anna Johnson

I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance provided by Ivona. Through our coaching sessions and her practical strategies, I gained the skills and confidence to build meaningful relationships and thrive in my new environment.

Mark Anderson

I had the privilege of working with Ivona as my expat coach, and it has been an incredible experience. Her expertise in expat transitions and her ability to create a safe and supportive environment allowed me to explore my challenges, fears, and aspirations. Through Ivona's guidance, I developed a deeper understanding of myself and my goals as an expat.
Adult Students
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